Investable Realty is one of the fastest growing Real Estate Brokerages in Texas and they are growing their footprint Texas wide.

June 29, 2017 Dallas – Investable Realty, a 2020 REI Group Company, the fastest growing investor centric Real Estate Brokerage in Texas, has surpassed the 75 MM total volume mark in only 18 short months of operation. This milestone has come shortly after Investable Realty expanded their reach into the Fort Worth market by opening a satellite location in Bedford, Texas. “We plan to expand our footprint statewide,” said Tim Herriage, CEO of 2020 REI Group. “Our brokerage is unique in that we mainly serve real estate investors by finding them opportunistic properties for investment. We also market and sell their rehabbed or rental properties on their behalf so they can focus on their real estate investment business.”

Investable realty has also more than tripled their agent count since April of 2016. “We are actively looking for new agents to come on board and contribute to the vibrant culture we are building,” said Richard Weeks, VP of Realtor® Operations. “We have something special here. Our brokerage offers a collaborative environment where agents get to work with seasoned individuals and teams. An agent is never alone at Investable Realty. We find that our agents appreciate the freedom to grow their business according their own schedule as well as learn from our other successful agents. It also doesn’t hurt to work with investors who buy homes 7 times more often than the average homeowner.”

A brokerage dedicated to real estate investors may seem too niche but the numbers tell a different story.  Here is a quick view of the SFR market and its opportunities according to Green Street Advisors.

  • SFR properties comprise 37 percent of the rental market and roughly 13 percent of all occupied housing.
  • Institutional investor portfolios represent just 1 percent of the single-family rental market.
  • Real estate investors like single-family rentals because turnover is typically lower than with apartments, landlords don’t have common-area maintenance costs and the asset’s value has meaningful upside compared to apartments.
  • Home values are still below their peak in many areas, despite rising prices, and additional home-price appreciation is on the horizon.
  • An estimated 3.9 million renter households will form between 2016 and 2020. If SFR’s 37 percent market share remains steady, that means about 1.5 million new single-family rental units will be needed.

“There is a tremendous opportunity for investors to take advantage of this market in the next couple of years,” said Tim Herriage. “The challenge for investors is finding the right investment properties. That is why I created Investable Realty in the first place. I needed local and experienced Realtors® to help me identify properties for my investment portfolio.”

Texas is a prime location SFR investors to invest and Investable Realty is following suit by actively hiring new agents across Texas. If you would like more information on how to join or learn more about Investable Realty, please go to

About Investable Realty
Investable Realty is a local real estate brokerage currently focused in the Texas area that provides exceptional property variety and customer service to individual, professional, and institutional buyers and sellers. Investable Realty is the brokerage are of 2020 REI group.

2020 REI is a complete real estate investor eco-system which provides comprehensive service for the single-family real estate investor. 2020 REI is a collection of professional real estate investing companies specializing in acquisition, brokerage, consulting, disposition, equity and financing services nationwide. We train, find, acquire, fund, and build. We bring over two decades of experience and a large and varied portfolio together to help individuals and companies acquire, stabilize, and execute desired exit strategies within the real estate investment industry.

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